Shandi Levy’s fine jewelry has evolved through years of dedication to her craft, and through her commitment to finding new ways of revealing the unexpected. Her work is striking in its fluidity, bringing to mind the movement and textures of the natural world. Shandi believes that there is nothing more authentic than organic beauty, and strives for this simple, honest elegance in each original piece she creates.

Throughout her life, all of Shandi’s creative efforts—in art or design, working with clay, stone or metal—have drawn her back to jewelry. Shandi has been influenced by her travels around the world, as well as by the natural environment in her native Miami. She has called New York City home for the past eleven years, and it was in New York that her current collection originated. A single cigar band ring started her on the path to designing custom pieces for private clients, and now she is taking the collection to the public.

All of Shandi’s pieces begin with a hand drawing, and all are handmade. Her work integrates the qualities she most values—independence, strength, originality—within a modern-organic aesthetic. Wearers of her pieces can make them personal through customized lettering and messages. Shandi’s emphasis on the intimate touch is ideal for engagement and wedding rings, which she is always delighted to create.

Shandi works primarily in recycled yellow, rose or white gold, and uses only fair-trade gemstones. She is a great believer in giving back, and therefore donates a portion of all her proceeds to charity.